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Imagine an IPTV service provider that offers the channels you need and at the price you can afford! And best of all, with the best quality in the market.

Well, this is possible with the IPTV subscriptions we offer.

TV Channels from All Europe

NordicChannels.com is an IPTV service provider with a focus on TV channels from the European countries. Our goal is to provide high quality IPTV channels for our clients in the European countries.

Quality before quantity

We offer IPTV channels from Europe at a very competitive price without compromising on quality. We have succeeded in this by not offering 3000-4000 channels from all over the world. And as you already know, providing 3000-4000 channels mean that the channels are of a lower quality or that the channels do not work as expected.

Ännu bättre IPTV service

In order to improve our service, we have acquired SvenskaKanaler.com, which has extensive experience of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian TV channels.

Our goal is to offer the best channel quality, not to offer the most channels.